Looking for Flowers

Life took an unexpected turn which knocked me for a bit of a loop.  I needed to take last week off from blogging because I was doing good to get through each day, making sure all the required boxes were checked and the living beings in my home were all at least fed.  I'm starting to feel things normalize again, as evidenced by this weekend's sewing, and should be back to blogging this week.

All is well with Lyn.  Nothing new or worrying has happened since last I wrote.  Her care provider continues to work with hr on painting and Lyn's really cranking them out.  

It's funny because she's selling her paintings as quickly as she makes them and refuses to let Mom put the money in the bank.  In talking with her about it last week, I suggested she should put some of her painting money in the bank.  She strongly objected saying that she needs it for supplies.  This strikes me as funny because worrying about money or where the money is located is a common dementia symptom.  Lyn likes to check her little stash and know exactly how much she has available.

I'm not sure she's had to buy more paints yet; just canvases.


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